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Your people are your greatest asset. Imagine the value of them proudly displaying your brand in public, when meeting clients and at corporate events.

When it comes to corporate wear and uniforms, quality is extremely important. The longer a garment lasts, the more value you will get from your investment. This is why the garments we use are made of the best quality fabrics. This ensures the best possible image for your business.

Lynx Group can advise on the best corporate apparel solution to maximise every opportunity to build your brand. We pride ourselves in our excellent service and appreciate the need for rapid turnaround times on all orders.

1. Talk to us about the best apparel solutions for your business. Make an appointment; we can come to you with samples, catalogues. Or, browse our online selection for inspiration.

2. We offer a unique solution for your business, based on:

  • The garment types and sizes you need
  • Your budget
  • The quantities you require
  • Your completion and delivery dates
  • The best way to brand your apparel

Please see our suppliers for Corporate Wear!

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